What are red lentils

Red Lentil and Carrot Soup

Lentil soup is one of those things that can go horribly wrong.   It doesn’t have to.

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The Moscovore makes White Bean and Chorizo Dip

White Bean & Chorizo Dip

Here’s the thing about cooking…

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When Life Hands You Bland Avocados…

I consider avocados to be a major food group, don’t you?

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recipes with eggplant

Eggplant and Pomegranate: Secrets Revealed!

Eggplant is so tactile!

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Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Poached Chicken Breasts with Tahina Dressing

Grilling Season is over…let poaching season begin!

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Tomato-Infused Bulgur with Basil

What is Bulgur?

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The Moscovore's quinoa salad with orange vinaigrette

Quinoa: The Secret Weapon of the Aztecs!

Quinoa: the 6,000 Year-Old Miracle Food!

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Around the World With Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff:  Russia’s Imported National Treasure

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Russian Honey Tort Medovik

Honey Coating a Controversy

Forget Pussy Riot, there is a new scandal buzzing in Moscow and it’s set to be a stinger! 

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Moscovore's Tomato & Ginger Chutney

The Case of the Disappearing Tomatoes: Tomato & Ginger Chutney

I love late summer/early autumn, don’t you?  

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Borscht recipe

The Borscht Wars

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The Easter Tin Hunt

Easter is just days away — Russian Orthodox’s most holy of holidays.

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Farmers' Markets in Moscow

To Market, To Market!

Where to buy fresh ingredients in Moscow?  

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Dukan diet

The Dukan Diet: A 7-Day “Attack Phase” Menu Plan

How hard is it to follow the Dukan Diet in Moscow?

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raw juice cocktails

Juice Up This Spring!

You probably have one lurking in your home somewhere.   A little dusty, maybe slightly sticky from your last interaction with it…

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Ginger, garlic, chili, and soy sauce

Asian Dipping Sauce

Ginger, garlic, chili, and soy sauce team up for a piquant sauce that goes with almost anything!

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